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Code of Conduct and Good Practices

The Acerinox Group has a Code of Conduct and Good Practices, approved by the Board of Directors on 25 October 2016, which contains standards and criteria for action in professional matters that are mandatory for all employees and managers of the Group and on all activities. The objective of the Code is:

  1. To regulate the permitted and prohibited conduct of the Acerinox Group.
  2. Establish the ethical principles and general rules that must guide the actions of the Group, the employees
    and the directors among themselves and in their relations with their stakeholders, with whom the Group, directly or indirectly, interacts
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Whistleblowing Channel

The whistleblowing channel is a communication tool available to all Acerinox employees and stakeholders to report behaviour that breaches the Code of Conduct and Good Practices in force in our organisation.

The whistleblowing channel guarantees:

  • Confidentiality of the complainant's data.
  • The absence of reprisals against employees who report suspected breaches in good faith.
  • Respect for the rights of those allegedly involved in a possible breach.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the information on the basis of which it promotes its performance.
  • Acerinox has established the following complaints channels:
    • A whistleblowing channel on its corporate website. Whistleblowing Channel & Communication
    • An email address (
    • A postal address (Comité de Denuncias, Acerinox S.A., Santiago de Compostela 100, 28035 Madrid, Spain).

Data Protection Officer of the Acerinox Group:
Rodrigo Garcia-Vega Redondo
Calle Santiago de Compostela, 100 (28035) Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 91 398 51 05