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Proposed Resolutions and Information Prior to the General Shareholders' Meeting

File Size Type
02- Total number of shares and voting rights
610.42 KB
03- Proposed resolutions of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
1,508.92 KB
04- Consolidated and Individual Acerinox, S.A. Acounts, Management and Auditor's Report at December 31, 2023
17,816 KB
05- Consolidated Nonfinancial Information Statement included in the Integrated Annual Report 2023
13,483.78 KB
06- Annual Corporate Governance Report 2023 (Only Spanish version available)
611.33 KB
07- Report of the Board of Directors to increase the share capital
688.83 KB
08- Report of the Board of Directors on the proposed resolution to authorize the acquisition of treasure shares
633.89 KB
09- Annual Report on the Remunerations of Acerinox, S.A. Board Directors (Only Spanish version available)
241.63 KB
10- Report of the Board of Directors on the proposed amendment of the bylaws
635.21 KB
11- Report of the Board of Directors on the proposed approval of the Directors' Remuneration Policy
1,107.13 KB
12- Report of the Board of Directors on the amendment of the Regulations of the Board of Directors
470.19 KB
13- Report of the Board of Directors to authorize the Board to acquire treasury shares to pay out the second cycle of the Third Multi-Year Remuneration Plan
809.19 KB
14- Report on the external auditor’s independence 2023
1,757.05 KB
15- Report on Related-Party Transactions 2023
907.88 KB
16- Executive Committee Activity Report 2023
1,714.36 KB
17- Audit Committee Activity Report 2023
1,588.24 KB
18- Appointments, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee Activity Report
2,188.33 KB
19- Sustainability Committee Activity Report 2023
1,750.8 KB
20- Proxy card Ordinary Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2024
192.25 KB
20- Remote advance voting card Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2024
184.37 KB
21- Remote advance voting, proxy appointment, and remote meeting attendance
873.94 KB
22- Operating instructions for the Electronic Shareholder Forum
898.49 KB