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2023 communications

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10,388,974 shares delisted from trading on the Madrid and Barcelona Stock Exchanges
428.26 KB
Share Capital reduction through the redemption of 10,388,974 Treasury shares
365.93 KB
Q2 2023 Results Presentation
3,058.43 KB
Press Release concerning First Half 2023 Results
199.48 KB
Half Year 2023 Financial Report
156.64 KB
Execution of the resolution to reduce share capital
87.49 KB
Payment of final dividend for Financial Year 2022
200.39 KB
Board Committees Composition 27-06-23 (Spanish version only available)
247.94 KB
Share buyback program and finalization of the program (Spanish version only available)
644.34 KB
Share buyback program (Spanish version only available)
421.89 KB
Resolutions approved at the General Shareholders' Meeting of May 23, 2023 (Spanish version only available)
645.39 KB
Acerinox Q1 2023 Results Presentation
2,323.07 KB
Results First quarter 2023
2,418.49 KB
Announcement of General Shareholders´ Meeting 2023
1,428.73 KB
Annual Report on Directors´ Remuneration 2022
243.31 KB
Annual Corporate Governance Report 2022
561.97 KB
Termination of preliminary conversations with Aperam S.A.
247.24 KB
Share buy back Program
430.86 KB
Dividend and share buy back
246.27 KB
Analysis of the possible transaction
101.53 KB
Acerinox FY 2022 Results Presentation
2,211.57 KB
Press release concerning financial results of Acerinox of business year 2022
205.85 KB
Management report business year 2022 and explanatory notes
3,248.95 KB
IPP segundo semestre 2022
158.2 KB
Investment in North American Stainless
254.53 KB
Annual Accounts Acerinox, S.A. 2022
1,860.19 KB
Informe Anual Gobierno Corporativo 2022
561.97 KB
Informe Anual Remuneraciones Consejeros 2022
243.31 KB